The Gear

Ordinary camera gear and cell phone cameras available to most consumers as good as they are simply won’t compare with the quality that our high resolution cameras and lighting equipment produces. More than that, it’s the combination of craftsmanship, expertise using the equipment and the experience of knowing what to use and when to use it that really separates professionals and amateurs, NO MATTER WHAT EQUIPMENT THEY USE.

We utilize full size camera sensors with up to 50 megapixels of resolution that are capable of capturing extremely high resolution, low noise images in very low-light.  We bring a vast array of lenses to choose from, all with high quality fluoride optics that enable us to produce extremely high quality low distortion images, even in very low light.  Our equipment affords us the choices to deal with virtually any situation.  Combined with our expertise, our gear also allows us the kind of flexibility you simply can’t get with consumer level equipment, no matter how proficient you think you are at using it.

Our studio constantly invests in the most current technologies. In addition to the cameras and lenses we carry, we bring every conceivable type of lighting and the wireless systems to trigger them.  We carry multiple background choices and green screens. Whenever time and conditions allow,  we shoot tethered to computers and tablets for instant feedback, allowing collaboration during the session for great results you can see before we leave the job.