About our Prints

All our prints are hand crafted in house under the direction of owner and Master Printer Vincent Isola. We use only the finest heavyweight fiber based paper and archival pigment inks.  The feel and weight of these print and ink combinations is reminiscent of the heavyweight prints I would get from tray processed black and white prints in my darkroom.  I’ve always chosen to make prints in house because of the quality, control and consistency you couldn’t from a lab at any price.  We choose to use the Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer for all of our prints up to 13 x 19 inches because of the excellent tonal quality it produces and for its built in Chroma Optimizer that puts a clear coat finish over the entire print for increased longevity and scratch resistance. All our larger prints and canvases are printed on the large format imagePROGRAF iPF8400 for ultra high quality imaging and achieving consistently breathtaking, durable and long lasting prints. This printers incredibly large color spectrum exceeds the Adobe RGB color space using its 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set. The iPF8400 ink set also provides better scratch resistance and smoother tonal gradations.

According to the Wilhelm Institute for print permanence ( check out this link to learn more https://www.wilhelm-research.com/canon/CanonPixmaPro-1.html )  these prints have a minimum lifespan of 67 to over 200 years depending on the display conditions. This process far surpasses all prints that most every portrait photographer or for that matter anyone else can purchase from a lab using a chemical based process. The lifespan of most chemically produced prints is typically 20-30 years, and at best can only achieve a much smaller and contrasty SRGB color space.

Vincent was commissioned by Canon for a year long project photographing musicians all around the country to produce images to be used for the Pro 1 printer launch last year. The video below talks about some of his shooting experiences and the advantages he discovered printing with the Pixma Pro 1 printer.