Our Thin Wraps™ are a stylish new frameless way to display your images! First we make a print on your choice of Lustre Paper, Metallic Paper or Giclée Canvas material. We then over-laminate the image with a soft Satin Laminate or a Glossy Laminate. The resulting product is then mounted on Masonite or Gatorboard, with or without a foam layer (Softop) in between the print and the board. Finally, we apply a 1/2″ spacer to the back of the Thin Wrap, which allows the image to be hung and appear to float from the wall. No frame needed, these beautifully mounted and finished prints are available in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Choose from Luster or Canvas Surface with Glossy or Satin Laminate, of Metallic Surface with Satin Laminate.
  • We especially recommend the Metallic Surface with Satin Laminate and the Canvas with Glossy Laminate!
  • New Soft Thin Wraps are padded between the print and the mounting board for added dimension.
  • Mounting Blocks are included by default with any size Thin Wrap. The Mounting Block holds the print away from the wall for a contemporary float effect. You may also choose to order your print without the Mounting Block.